No quibble returns policy

Ashford Chroming offer a no-quibble return policy for parts that may encounter an in-perfection or error in finish for some reason.

We can't sadly guarantee every part will be restored perfectly as old metal will have in-purities that drive deep into the metal and can't be removed or covered. But we do accept from time to time a part can be improved or a fault occurred.

Perhaps a customer has 10 similar parts and one has an anomaly. In this scenario here is what you should do:


  1. Notify us immediately when you receive your parts back and before they are re-installed or used, by email. If you can enclose a photo of the part affected areas that will be helpful.
  2. We will then have a discussion with our workshop manager and the technicians that performed on the part and discuss the issue
  3. If we feel we can re-run the part and achieve a better finish we will arrange with you for the part to be returned and the part will be re-run free of charge. Be aware that re-running a part that has issues which can't be improved upon may produce worse results.






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