What if you loose my parts

We are well aware of the reputation that is accustomed to the metal-finishing and restoration industry, especially that of chrome platers. Our founders vision was to revolutionise the industry by finding ways to remove the pitfalls of our predecessors.


We store items with many moving parts, some large some extremely tiny. These parts are moved through an industrial process, where they are submerged in multiple tanks containing dangerous hazardous chemicals, it is all to easy to loose one, at the bottom of a tank. This would mean draining the tank and scouring through the debris at the bottom for a nut, bolt screw or even washer. Not a nice place to be.


When your parts arrive our skilled unpackers have to very carefully unpack your parcel. Every part, nut, bolt and washer must found in the box, logged on our system and photographed.


You can help us to not loose your parts by enclosing a list of what you have packed. Ensure all parts are dismantled : nuts, blots, washers, seals and list them all.

This information kept with your job and your job is managed by one person to ensure they are in the know of where all the parts are.

When we first started, we had a few problems. But we have very quickly learned by mistakes, introduced systems, procedures and now we are happy to say it is very rare. We restore many many thousands of parts a year and have very few losses.


In the instance that something is lost or damaged whilst on our premises we have insurance and we will make it a matter of urgency to find it or repair it. In the unlikely event of complete loss, then we will arrange for a replacement or replica to be made.


If we loose your parts we have a procedure we follow:









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